Information Access Request

If you would like the access your personal information held by the Bank you will need to follow the Access Request Process outlined below:

  1. The Bank will need a completed Access Request Form for Personal Information in order to process access requests. Please find the Access Request Form for Personal Information at the link below.
  2. In order to safeguard your personal information, the Bank will require valid identification (ID) documentation to permit the Bank to validate the identity of the requestor. The collected identification (ID) information will only be used for this purpose.
  3. The Bank has a thirty-day timeframe to retrieve the requested information and has the option of an additional thirty-day extension if required, which the Bank will notify you of.
  4. Once the Bank has retrieved the requested information it will be sent to you in the agreed upon format.

Please note, the Bank may not be permitted to disclose all information contained in Bank records due to solicitor-client privilege, confidential commercial information, personal security, the outcome of a formal dispute resolution process, or prohibited by law due to a law enforcement or government agency investigation. If you have a sensory disability you may request your information to be made available in an alternative format.