HomeEquity Bank Fee Schedule

Effective September 14th , 2017

Fee Amount (plus any applicable sales tax)
Expenses to maintain your property in good standing (such as the payment of overdue property taxes), legal fees and expenses incurred in collecting missed payments, and expenses incurred by the Bank to realize on its security interest. Cost
Default processing $100.00
Insufficient funds $100.00
Subsequent advance $50.00
Addition of a Power of Attorney (POA) to your mortgage $500.00
Property severance or subdivision $500.00
Reprint of annual statements or other letters $25.00
Title changes or title acknowledgements $250.00
Contacting insurer and/or other financial institution(s) on behalf of client $100.00
Cheque processing $25.00
Planned Advance Account $50.00
Discharge1 $349.00


1 Not applicable in Quebec and Alberta, where there are no fees. British Columbia and Manitoba are subject to a $75 and $100 discharge fee, respectively.

Note: These fees may be changed from time to time without prior notice.