Income Advantage Interest rates


HomeEquity Bank Prime Rate: %

IMPORTANT: The Planned Advance Account must always have a variable interest rate term. The applicable interest rates can be found in the table below.

The following is a summary of the current Income Advantage interest rates and terms offered by HomeEquity Bank.

Planned Advance Account term Planned Advance Account Interest Rate Lump Sum Account Interest Term Lump Sum Account Term Closing and Administration Costs1 Annual Percentage Rate(APR)2
Variable3 %
Variable3 % $ %
1-year % %
3-year % %
5-year % %

These fees and interest rates may vary based on individual circumstances, including any additional rate premiums added on your file. Please refer to your mortgage agreement for information on your rates and reset dates
1 These fees may vary based on individual circumstances
APR is for years based on $ per month in planned advances and a $ initial advance. It is not for the full period of the mortgage and includes the applicable closing costs.
3 Variable refers to the HomeEquity Bank Prime Rate plus a fixed spread of %. The fixed spread is guaranteed for years.