Acceptance of Terms

By applying for the appraisal rebate you accept the terms and conditions of the promotional offer. 


This offer is a limited to clients included in the promotion who fund a reverse mortgage from HomeEquity Bank. To be eligible, you must have had a meeting with one of our mortgage specialists between January 1, 2017 – June 30, 2017. Your application is deemed to be received by HomeEquity Bank on the date the appraisal is ordered.

This offer is only valid if you proceed and fund a reverse mortgage from HomeEquity Bank.

You will NOT be deemed eligible if:

  • You have not received an offer letter from HomeEquity Bank
  • You do not qualify for or do not proceed with a reverse mortgage at HomeEquity Bank
  • You may not be eligible for this promotion in conjunction with other HomeEquity Bank promotions or offers.


You are responsible to pay for the appraisal and to pay any other costs incurred in the process of obtaining your reverse mortgage.  If you receive a HomeEquity Bank reverse mortgage, you will be rebated the lesser of: the cost of the appraisal or $350.00. You will receive this rebate within 90 days following the funding of your reverse mortgage.


If HomeEquity Bank has a void cheque for your bank account on file, the rebate will be deposited into your bank account by electronic funds transfer (EFT). If HomeEquity Bank does not have a bank account on file, a cheque will issued in the name of (one of) the borrower(s). The cheque must be cashed within 6 months and a replacement cheque will not be provided.


You are responsible for any income tax liability arising from the rebate you receive. We do not issue tax receipts. 

Changes to the promotion

HomeEquity Bank reserves the right to change the terms and conditions or terminate the promotion at any time without notice. Notwithstanding any other provision in these terms and conditions, posting of the current version of these terms and conditions at shall be deemed to be notice to you, where notice is required to be given to you.