David Thauberger

Winter Wonderland, 2003
43″ x 56″
Acrylic on canvas

David Thauberger is an established artist known for his paintings of the vernacular architecture and cultural icons of Saskatchewan. Together with his paintings of popular culture and postcard images of tourist meccas far and wide, his images of Saskatchewan are articulate debates involving art, culture, and how we view our world, presenting a hyper-real picture of our context that transcends regionalism while capturing the heart of what it means to be from Saskatchewan.

Winter Wonderland (2003) is a quintessential work by Thauberger that demonstrates his ability to paint scenes that transcend regionalism. Most everyone in Canada will have seen a side-split house in winter. The crisp white of the snow on the ground and the tree are familiar winter scenes across the country. The slight hints in the architecture and the vast flatness of the background, suggested by the house in the distance, are what remind us that his home province is Saskatchewan.