Meaghan Hyckie

Rises-5, Rises-7, Rises-8, 2020
Ed. 2/3
43″ x 29″ each
Screenprint on paper

Meaghan Hyckie is an artist from Toronto. She uses tactile, labour-intensive processes to represent simple iconography, channeling the sentiments and anxieties this imagery evokes into visually and emotionally complex drawings and prints. Her prints and drawings can be found in several important public and private collections in Canada.

Meaghan Hyckie’s works have an almost obsessive focus on line, and the artist is able to create shapes in space with mathematical precision. Colour investigations structured by simplified architectural iconography and patterning has become a defining characteristic of her visual vocabulary, and this is evident in our three prints. The pattern of the houses and pools brings to mind both the idealized suburban landscape that emerged in the 1950s and associated anxieties.