David Thauberger

Occasional Flurries, 2022
66″ x 42″
Acrylic on canvas

David Thauberger is an established artist known for his paintings of the vernacular architecture and cultural icons of Saskatchewan. Together with his paintings of popular culture and postcard images of tourist meccas far and wide, his images of Saskatchewan are articulate debates involving art, culture, and how we view our world, presenting a hyper-real picture of our context that transcends regionalism while capturing the heart of what it means to be from Saskatchewan.

In this work, Thauberger has depicted a lighthouse – the clean lines and bright white paint make it stand out against the clear blue sky where we see some light flurries. The most interesting thing about this work is that we do not see any water. The location of the lighthouse becomes a mystery with few suggestions. The background has a lone tree and some powerlines. The ambiguity really challenges our notions of where structures are usually placed.