Jérôme Fortin

Marine (rouge), 2015
33 1/4″ x 31″
Plastic bottles

Jérôme Fortin is from Joliette, Quebec and currently lives and works in Montreal. In his work, corks, plastic bottles, books, matches, nails and cans are cleverly handled and assembled into several series of visual and plastic curiosities. He uses these objects for their specific shapes, colours and textures. In 2004, he was awarded the Pierre-Ayot Prize by the City of Montreal. Fortin’s works can be found in public collections as well as several major corporate and private collections worldwide.

The Marines (Seascapes) series was developed in the northeastern part of Quebec (Saint-Jean-port-Joli) during the artist’s residency in 2001. He would gather all the plastic bottles and would cut the containers into long strips. Inspired by watching the shifting waves and tides, the artist lined up the pieces in layers that suggest the movement of the water.