Ned Pratt

Fog Horn Revisited, 2020
33″ x 46 1/4″
Pigment inkjet print on Kodak Professional Photo paper

Ned Pratt is a photographer from Newfoundland where he currently lives and works. His works focus on the rugged landscape of Newfoundland and its impact on his subjects, which serve as the foundation for his striking minimalist photographs. He holds the 2017 Large Year Award from Visual Artists Newfoundland and Labrador for Excellence in the Visual Arts. Pratt’s works can be found in many prominent public and private collections across Canada, the United States, Europe, and Australia.

Fog Horn Revisited (2020) features, like the title suggests, a revisited location and subject. Ned Pratt originally photographed this small shelter in 2015, when the light was grey, giving a more dreary view of the landscape. In our work, the sky and the sea are a vibrant blue, and the white of the shelter is bright – suggesting a recent application of paint on the likely wind battered structure. The unapologetic theme of Pratt’s works and ultimately his conception of Newfoundland, is captured here as his lens focuses on the top half of the diminutive cabin overlooking the abyss of the Atlantic ocean. There is no subtlety in this image. Our presence here in this landscape is temporary in comparison to the power and magnitude of our natural world. Location: Cape Pine, Newfoundland
This building once contained the mechanics for the fog horn at Cape Pine. Pratt has photographed it before and decided to create this “Revisited” image after the building was freshly painted in 2020.