Ned Pratt

Crowley’s Property, 2022
32″ x 64″
Pigment inkjet print on Kodak Professional Photo paper

Ned Pratt is a photographer from Newfoundland where he currently lives and works. His works focus on the rugged landscape of Newfoundland and its impact on his subjects, which serve as the foundation for his striking minimalist photographs. He holds the 2017 Large Year Award from Visual Artists Newfoundland and Labrador for Excellence in the Visual Arts. Pratt’s works can be found in many prominent public and private collections across Canada, the United States, Europe, and Australia.

This work by Ned Pratt, along with our other work Paddens Room, were part of Place, the Nicholas Metivier Gallery’s most recent exhibition of photographs by the artist. In the year leading up to the exhibition, Pratt focused his time on areas that are most familiar to him: those near his home on the Avalon Peninsula. One of the most notable aspects of Crowley’s Property is the difference in the size of the work, compared to the other two in our collection. Ned Pratt states, “In 2022 I began working in a new proportion, 32 × 64 [inches]. Essentially, these dimensions represent two squares. The change in composition offers me a new versatility and the opportunity for a more rhythmic composition. It permits me to get further back from my subject matter and changes the way I see the landscape.” This new composition is highlighted by the house which takes up the majority of the frame. We see tell-tale signs of the impact of the rugged weather on the house, with several spots of paint starting to peel. Location: Ochre Pit Cove, Avalon Peninsula, Newfoundland (You will notice that the house is also painted Ochre)
The house is an excellent example of a 20th century out port dwelling. Built between 1912 and 1915, it’s a typical “biscuit box” style house.