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About Chris

Chris is the Business Development Manager for the BC Fraser Valley & Surrey area. Chris brings prior experience as a mortgage broker and has been involved with mortgage lending since 2002, working at HSBC and Street Capital Financial.

With a BC mortgage brokers License and AMP, Chris believes in finding a solution for senior homeowners that reduces their stress and improves the quality of their life. Chris truly enjoys being the one to provide a solution when the client didn’t believe or know there was one.

Born in Saskatchewan, but grew up in the Fraser Valley, Chris is a family man who enjoys spending time with his wife, two little children, and going golfing.

What is a Reverse Mortgage?

A reverse mortgage is a loan secured against the value of your home. Unlike a loan or a regular mortgage, with CHIP you are not required to make payments. You only repay the loan when you move or sell your home.

You’ve worked hard to own your home. Now get your home working for you to:

  • Pay off debts
  • Renovate or make your home more accessible
  • Handle unexpected expenses
  • Help your children or grandchildren
  • Improve your day-to-day living standard
  • Make a special trip or purchase

Your obligations

You are required to keep your property in good maintenance, pay your property taxes and property insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

The amount you are eligible to receive depends on your age, age of your spouse, your home value, type of property and location of your home.

You will remain the owner of your home and can stay in it as long as you wish. CHIP will never ask you to move or sell. You and/or your spouse can stay in your home as long as you wish provided you: pay your property taxes and home insurance, keep property in good maintenance.

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We work with independent financial advisors as well as chartered banks, mortgage brokers, credit unions, and investment and financial planning firms across Canada. Our goal is to help as many seniors as possible benefit from the equity they’ve built up in their home.

  • Build your book and generate revenue by putting your clients’ home equity to work.
  • Retain our senior clients and consolidate their assets.
  • Preserve existing assets under administration by alleviating the need to sell investments more quickly.
  • Expand your client base in a growing market segment.

Client Testimonials

"Doing something like a reverse mortgage really gave us the freedom to use that money in whatever way we wanted. We've used it to make repairs to the house and we've used a little bit of it for a vacation. It’s a safe way of getting some of the equity in your home freed up for use by people who are no longer on salaried income."

- Donald & Emily

"CHIP solved the issue of having to do paybacks, there are no paybacks! It is terribly important to us that we don’t have to sell the house. Take advantage of your equity and use it for an RV, remodel your home so you can stay for another 10, 15 years."

- Christopher & Sandy